Thursday, April 24, 2014

nyc tips and etiquette.

These graphics from Nathan Pyle's book, NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette, might make other people change their mind about wanting to live in NYC, but not me. Nope, I'm stubborn. Besides, after living in the crazy city of Beijing, surely I'd be fine in Manhattan or Brooklyn. 

And this just looks like fun.

(Images: NYC Basic Tips & Etiquette by Nathan Pyle, via A Cup of Jo)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

things I swore I'd never do.

I always swore I would never tell my boyfriend what to wear. And then tonight I caught myself telling Tony to change his shirt.

The way time goes, it won't be long until I'm calling him "hubby" and telling my kids "because I said so!"

P.S. Sorry for the blurry photo, but it's one of my favourites. It's just so him.

P.P.S. This wasn't the shirt he was wearing tonight, but it's one I begged him to throw out because it was full of holes/I never wanted him to throw away because it was his favourite and so comfortable.

P.P.P.S. No, not engaged or pregnant. Promise.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm going to shanghai!

Melissa and I are leaving on a train next Wednesday to spend our four-day long weekend there. We're starting to get pretty excited about it! Even though we're staying in China, we're looking forward to visiting a big city other than Beijing, and we're hoping to experience a mix of Chinese/Western culture. Plus, it'll be our first time traveling alone together since our road trips to PEI and Vermont!

So far, I've been told we should explore the French Concession and visit the aquarium. If you've been to Shanghai before, do you have any suggestions for us? Things to do? See? Eat?

P.S. Don't worry about Tony; he'll be in Thailand for a vacation with his co-workers!

(Photo: The United States Studies Centre)

Monday, April 21, 2014

happy easter.

Every night, I ask Tony, "What's one thing that made you sad today? Angry? Happy?" Usually, he asks me the same questions in return. 

His answers yesterday:
Sad: "Nothing." 
Angry: "No." 
Happy: "Playing catch." 

My answers: 
Sad: "This food." (In regards to our "Easter dinner.") 
Angry: "No thing." 
Happy: "Walking and laughing with you." 

Tony told me my answer for what made me happy was too general and I said, "No! That's what made me happiest today! We walked to Starbucks and laughed. We walked back from Starbucks and laughed. We walked to hot pot and laughed; we walked back and laughed. We walked to dinner and laughed and we'll probably walk back and laugh." 

On one of those walks, our arms were slung around each other like we were best friends instead of "romantic partners," and we were laughing like fools and he looked at me and said, "This is why I love you." And I looked at him and said, "Me too. You know, I don't think a single day has gone by in the last year that we haven't made each other laugh. Not even the days when we weren't together or the days we fought." 

It was a happy Easter indeed.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

preschool conversations: what does a bunny say?

Students: "Ribbit! Ribbit!"

Me: "Boys and girls, that's what a frog sounds like! What sound does a bunny make?"

Students: "Hop, hop, hop!"

We made these bunny masks today in class. Man, four-year-olds are cute. I wish I could upload a photo of them, but you know, privacy. You'll just have to believe me when I say they were adorable.

(Photo via Pinterest)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

resources for twenty-somethings.

Did you notice I added a new page to the blog? At the very top! Resources for Twenty-Somethings! 

I'm 24 years old and have said more than once that the theme of my life is I don't know.

I don't know what I want to do with my life. Don't know if I should be spending the majority of my salary paying off my student loan or traveling. Don't know if I should get married or date around. Heck, some days I don't even know what to wear or what to eat!

And I'm guessing I'm not the only one.

Sometimes I find things that make me feel better about the not knowing, things that make me feel less lost and more okay. When I do, I'll post them here

The most recent article I found was "The Friendship Exodus Of Your 20s." Here's an excerpt: 

As you slide into your mid-twenties, you’ll have found that core group who survived the goodbyes, or maybe were the hellos who made the rest more bearable. The ones who you meet for a (slightly less cheap) brunch, go to movies with, play at being grownups, and throw dinner parties for. As you settle in to your lives, you begin to seriously couple-up, and maybe new faces come and go, but some slide in seamlessly, and become so intricately a part of the group that you can’t fathom that they weren’t there from the beginning. You share new jobs, hated bosses, and being laid off. You lament over student debt that is going nowhere but up, the terror of buying a new car, and oh dear god how do I file my taxes? You grow into adulthood, careers, higher education, and relationships with one another.

...Slowly as you slip from your twenties, there are no more clear delineations of goodbyes. People and priorities spread apart—moving away, following different paths, and new dreams. It’s neither leaving each other behind nor choosing something better, but the natural exodus of friendship in your twenties. It’s a time of change and goodbyes, of new beginnings somewhere else, and making it on your own. A period of coming and going, of clinging to what you know while simultaneously flinging yourself into the unknown.

This one felt particularly comforting and timely because I had just been talking with a friend about how relationships, particularly friendships, change as we get older and our lives change.

Anyway, if you're in your twenties and/or relate to the I don't know feelings, feel free to check out Resources for Twenty-Somethings often. I'll update it whenever I find something new!

(Photo: Literally, Darling)
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